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SWED APL 2016 – Copenhagen: Concurrency in APL

By Gil Athoraya, 8th February 2016

Is concurrency in software applications important? What does it even mean and how do you write concurrent code in APL?

The topic for the next SwedAPL meeting is very much a hot subject across the programming world. Come and join us in Copenhagen to share your ideas and learn from other APLers that have embarked on a journey into the parallel world.

Please note SwedAPL 2016 – Copenhagen is free to attend!


Concurrency in software is often taken for granted by the user. Not only do they want to be able to run multiple applications at the same time, but a single application is also expected to juggle several operations in parallel. A simple and basic example is to manage user interaction while the application is running. In a music application the user may want to play a track and modify the playlist while the music is playing. If the user could only do one thing at any time (play music or work on that spreadsheet) productivity would go down and frustration set in.

Fortunately operating systems these days can manage separate applications running simultaneously, so playing music while working is not an issue, but how do you make the most of the resources available on today’s multi-core computers from a single application?

In process intensive software, the developer can harness the power of the multiple cores by distributing the work load on separate workers running in parallel. There are many factors to take into account when distributing work like this to successfully achieve a performance improvement:

  • Contention – Are the workers updating the same data structure?
  • Overhead – How costly is the distribution of data and aggregation/retrieval of the result?
  • HardwareHow does the number of workers affect overall performance for a given number of logical/physical CPU cores?

We welcome you to join us in Copenhagen to listen, learn and share your experiences with writing concurrent code in APL.


Event Details

SwedAPL 2016 – Copenhagen is being hosted by SimCorp. The details are as follows:





Friday 1st April

Concurrency in APL

SimCorp A/S
Weidekampsgade 16
2300 København S

We will meet at 9.00am at SimCorp, where breakfast will be served, with a view to begin at 9.30am. Lunch will be provided in the SimCorp canteen. After the meeting we will conclude with dinner at the Aristo Cafe & Restaurant a short walk from SimCorp.


About our hosts, SimCorp

SimCorp is a global company that provides investment management software and services to investment managers, asset managers, fund managers, fund administrators, pension funds, insurance funds, and wealth managers.

Founded in 1971 and headquartered in Denmark, SimCorp has subsidiaries throughout the Nordic region as well as in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. SimCorp has approximately 1,100 employees, and is listed on the NASDAQ OMX Nordic Exchange.

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Website: www.simcorp.com

Confirmed Attendees

Klaus K. ChristiansenAPL Italiana
Kai JägerAPL Team
Erik HäggblomAplensia
Lars WentzelAplensia
Ole JohansenAplensia
Per EricssonAplensia
Gilgamesh AthorayaData Analytics Sweden
Bjørn ChristensenDyalog
Gitte ChristensenDyalog
Morten KrombergDyalog
Stephen Taylor5jt
Michael BaasDLS Software & Beratung
Sava ZxivanovichTechnology Partnership
Milos DjuricTechnology Partnership
Ray CannonCannon Computer Consultancy
Alexey MiroshnikovInfostroy
Chris “Ziggi” PaulLaser Systems
Ender YukselSimCorp
Jesper HarderSimCorp
Marco VranicSimCorp
Mykola KhamaganovSimCorp
Stig NielsenSimCorp
John JacobOptima Systems
Paul GrosvenorOptima Systems
Radha JayabalanUtvecklarbolaget
Claus Madsen
Frede Hansen
John Niss Hansen