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The whole nine yards

Our Approach

We specialise in getting the job done without fuss and with the minimum of paperwork; on time and on budget.

The majority of our software is written in APL (a computer language particularly suited to numeric arrays and complex formulae). We do what we need to do as we need to do it. We try to keep things simple and honest and place a high level of importance on the man/machine interface i.e. the bit you see and work with. We also specialize in data visualization.


Working with our clients

Our clients come from all business sectors and are both large companies and small local ones.

Traditional methodologies tend to use what can usually be described as “Waterfall”, working to a structured progression between defined phases of the project typically – Analyse-Design-Build-Test-Implement. Whilst this approach has some strengths it also has many weaknesses not least of which is the time and cost to get change into production.

Pre-defined and scheduled releases may suit some companies but can also be very limiting and dangerous in their own right. On the other hand, getting changes in to Production quickly and reliably can make huge differences to a business.

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agile development

At Data Analytics we have adopted the “Agile” approach to programming and software design. This approach aims to break down a large project in to small tangible tasks where completing each one can deliver a benefit to the business. Each task may be worked on in isolation and using APL for example (an ideal language tool for this approach), change can be delivered quickly.

Since each task is small each one can be built and tested very quickly then rolled out into production on a regular basis. No waiting for the “Big Bang” as the entire project lands after much hype and many months of frantic meetings.

Documentation requirements are kept to an absolute minimum as are meetings and planning sessions. We do what is required when it is required. The focus is always on delivering what the client needs and when it wants so that, in turn, the business can reap the benefits.

Our code is written to be self-testing at a functional level and can be semi-automatically tested via a test harness at unit or system level.

Overall, this approach leads to higher quality software whilst lowering the cost of change, lower financial risk and lower failure rates. Our experience shows that on average, 2 months’ time spent on a waterfall project can be achieved in a couple of weeks with Agile – in some cases much less than that.


The whole nine yards

Our team can quite literally take an original idea from concept through to branding, logo and system design then implementation, test and formal roll-out. What more do you need?