Announcing The APL Room

We are happy to announce a new space for meeting and talking to other APLers.

  • Do you miss a little bit of “hands-on“ workshops in the regular APL user meetings?
  • Would you like to show people that new, sleek way you solved a problem?
  • Are you interested in seeing what other APLers are up to in between the annual user meetings?
  • Do you just want to take a coffee break across the wire and reminisce on the “good old mainframe days”?

If you recognise yourself in any of the above, please join us on (if your organisation is not listed, contact us and you will be formally invited). This is our central hub where we chat, ask questions and plan meetings. Online meetings are typically on but may be hosted on alternative channels depending on the number of attendees.

Topics that were discussed in recent meetings include:

  • Git
  • Contributing to the APLTree open source projects
  • Dyalog Cookbook
  • Working with slave tasks in APL+Win
  • Setting up a web server with Rumba
  • JSON data format
  • DTM – Dictionary Table Map library
  • General APL features

The next meeting is planned for Wednesday 20th April at 3pm (GMT+1) with the topic GAP – the Granular APL Project (presented by Gilgamesh Athoraya).

Hope to see you there soon.

Please visit: