About Data Analytics

All you need to know about us

Method and Experience

We have many years of experience in the industry and are continually learning to make best use of the latest software and hardware available. We pride ourselves in our ability to not only understand the technology but also our customer’s business. Knowing both sides of the coin enables us to identify the business problems, find solutions and deliver on our promises. We are used to working with large and small organisations and can adapt our working practices to meet any need. Put simply we aim to mitigate the risks usually associated with IT system development and keep our solutions both clean and simple whilst delivering on our promises.

Programming and Consultancy

When our Parent company started out in 1990 the original aim was to provide specialist Programming and Consulting skills to the I.T. and general computer using industry. From the outset Optima established a high quality professional service to industry and expanded its customer base by personal recommendation. Data Analytics Sweden follows that same tradition and ethos. We are involved in many areas of modern computing and are continually adding new skills to our portfolio. There is no limit to the type of industry or business that we offer our services to, and our existing Group client base covers most areas including the Financial Sector, Pharmaceuticals, Aerospace, Government, Manufacturing, Marketing and Service Industries.

Who are we?

Data Analytics Sweden AB is a wholly owned subsidiary of Optima Systems Ltd, based in the UK. Like our UK Parent, we base our success on being a friendly, open company who like to work with our customers not just for them.